Plumbing4 Tips For Solving Plumbing Problems In Your Condominium

March 24, 2020by leakypipes

Condominium is referred to as the singly owned multi unit building. In this article we have provided you some of the tips for solving the plumbing problems in your condominium.

Suspected Leak : How To Act?

  • To identify if there is any type of leak in the water piping system, it is necessary to close the valve, wait until the water in the pipe runs out and put a glass of water in the tap. 
  • If the water in the cup is being sucked, there is some kind of leak.
  • If there is suspicion of a hydraulic problem in the water reservoir, close the valve and pay attention to it. If it goes down, some type of leak is happening.
  • But be careful: only a specialized technical team can analyze it in depth to find out exactly where the leak is located.

Who Solves The Problem?

  • If the problem is in the general plumbing of the building, the responsibility for the repair is the responsibility of the condominium.
  • Inside the property the responsibility falls to the resident of the apartment that caused the hydraulic problem.

Solve The Problem Quickly

  • Leaks and infiltrations, even if they are not of large proportions, they must be quickly resolved.
  • Leaving this type of repair for later can cause the system to be damaged even more, causing a greater inconvenience and expenses with repairs and water bills.

Hydraulic Plant Is A Very Important Document

Attention Landlords: The hydraulic plan of a building or condominium facilitates the identification of leaks and can be essential in case of works that modify the structure of the building in any way.

Bonus Tip: The Liquidator’s Role

If the problem is with a specific apartment and the owner does not want to carry out the repair, the liquidator can serve as a mediator at most.


It is worth remembering that, if the receiver is negligent to a necessary repair in the plumbing of the common area, the owner can bear the expenses and later charge the condominium upon presentation of an invoice.

If you are unable to solve the plumbing issues in your condominium give a call to the professional plumbers at Resolved Plumbing.