Plumbing5 Infallible Tips To Avoid Plumbing Problems

March 24, 2020by leakypipes

If you are willing to fix the plumbing issues by yourself you must ensure the essential measures for the proper functioning of your drains, pipes and faucets. All homes, regardless of whether it is new, old, modern or classic, suffer from plumbing problems.

The use and abuse of faucets, pipes and drains cause them to clog, wear out and stop working optimally over time.

Long Live Plumbing

It is common for you to get up one day and notice that some faucets are leaking or the sink drain takes longer than usual to do its job.

These are some of the small plumbing problems which are common in every home, but there is no reason to despair.

In this article we have shared some secrets that will help you avoid the common problems. Here are some of the steps for avoiding the plumbing issues

  • Put the trash in its place
  • Say no to oil
  • Heavy weight on shower head
  • The raise in pressure¬†
  • The drip

Put The Trash In Its Place

One of the most common problems in all homes is clogged drains .

It is normal for some solid waste such as food scraps, soap, or hair to fall into the drain and obstruct water outlets in sinks, and showers.

To fix it, you should throw all the food waste in the trash, as well as make sure to clean the hair and soap residue in the drain.

Say No To Oil

Another common mistake, especially in kitchens, is letting the oil residue go down the drain.

It has proven that letting the oil residue through the drain ends up in filling and clogging the pipes with drain.

For avoiding the serious clogs you must clean your drain from time to time.

Heavy Weight On Shower Head

Where do you put the toiletries to take a bath? Possibly, you will keep them over the tube of the shower head, it is another common mistake in every home!

By hanging these products, we are generating additional weight for the shower which will end up in creating unwanted weights.

Increase In Pressure

The usage of constant passage of water through the faucets and showers leads to clogging and loss of pressure over time.

The best thing is to check the taps and showers and maintain them from time to time to guarantee their perfect operation.

Say No To The Drip

Another common problem is leaking faucets and showers.

When this happens, it is common for us to “solve” it by pressing the key more, something that is a mistake.

With the passage of time, the single-lever cartridges wear out and lose pressure.

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