Plumbing5 Must-Know Plumbing Tips For Beginners

March 16, 2020by leakypipes

Are you ready to become a plumbing expert, someone who masters in solving minor plumbing issues? By taking good care of running water or overflowing toilets you can definitely avoid the upcoming serious plumbing problems.

In this article, we have provided you 5 amazing beginner tips for plumbing. By these amazing tips, you can effectively solve the basic plumbing issues on your own.

Here are 5 helpful plumbing tips for beginners

  • Evaluate the issues in the showerhead
  • Make use of the non-chemical cleaners
  • Use heat to remove stiff waterline fittings
  • Don’t think about removing the pieces inside your toilet or faucet
  • Use wire tape

Evaluate The Issues In Shower Head

Evaluating shower head problems regularly helps you to avoid water leakage issues. For example, even a thread tape is one of the best ways to repair a leaky shower head. 

When the showerhead is clogged, boil it for about an hour in a tub of warm water and vinegar. Make use of the small brush for removing the extracts of mineral deposits that are present in the showerhead.

Make Use Of The Non-Chemical Cleaners

Don’t use costly chemical cleaners to clean your toilet. Use the drain snake to manually remove the clog. Place the drain snake and remove the trapped clog. 

If you don’t have a drain snake use the wet/dry vacuum to clear the clog.

Use Heat To Remove Stiff Waterline Fittings

Can’t break the trap under the sink or pipe attachment, no matter how hard a pipe wrench is? 

You can apply heat to remove the old solidified joint material. A small torch of propane will greatly help you, but you’ll have to add heat for a few minutes before you can go far.

It may seem simple, but it heats up in metal water pipes, keep in mind you must not use this technique for pipes which are made up of plastic.

Don’t Think About Removing The Pieces Inside Your Toilet Or Faucet

Removing the hoses under the sink or shower will cause messy problems if you make a mistake. 

But when you try to remove your bathroom valve or faucet cartridge, there’s very little that you can damage.

Worn valves are a common cause of flow between the bowl and the toilet tank, and cost only a few dollars! The kit includes easy-to-follow replacement instructions, as an added bonus.

Many contemporary faucets can be replaced by adding a new cartridge over the entire interior. This actually allows one or two screws to be removed. 

And if you hear the toilet running frequently or your sink leaks, find some spare parts and try it.

Use Wire Tape

You may buy a multifunctional tape which is normally white.  When wrapping the tape, wrap it around the cables in a counterclockwise direction. 

Can’t bring the roll inside a small space? Wrap around a cheap pencil a few rounds of duct tape, and add from there. For better results, you will need to wrap your tape approximately 3 times around the threads of the tubing.

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