Plumbing5 Simple Strategies To Keep Your Toilet In The Perfect Working Condition

March 16, 2020by leakypipes

Each and every room in our house definitely has a good plumbing facility. You may be definitely aware of the fact that your bathroom and toilet utilizes a large amount of fresh water. So it is important to keep your toilet, bathtubs, showers, cold and hot water pipes in the perfect working condition. 

In this article, we have provided you 5 simple strategies to keep your toilet in the perfect working condition. They are 

  • Cover the drains with drain covers
  • Do not litter the bathroom
  • Never use a chemical cleaner on drains
  • Plan a routine for cleaning the drain
  • Replace rusty tubing

Let us learn about these important points in detail.

Cover The Drains With Drain Covers

Small objects like toothpaste plugs are often easier to fall through an open drain. 

To avoid the blockages cover your bathroom sink with the large mesh drain covers. 

This mesh cover prevents the objects from falling into an exposed drain.

Do not forget to clean your drain covers regularly, for avoiding the sluggish drainage in your bathroom.

Do Not Litter The Bathroom

We should not use our toilet as a mini dustbin. The only thing which must be flushed is toilet paper. 

We should not flush the materials like tissue paper or wet towels into our flush. Since they are extremely absorbent they will block the toilet pipes and cause heavier damage.

Never Use A Chemical Cleaner On Drains

If you encounter the slugged or a clogged drain don not use the chemical drain cleaners for clearing them.

The acidic compounds that are present in the chemical cleaners may cause serious damage to the drainpipe and cause corrosion. So, it is not advisable to use the chemical drain cleaners for clearing the clog.

Plan A Routine For Cleaning The Drain

Having a perfect routine for cleaning your drains helps you to stay away from serious clogging issues. 

Cleaning your drain regularly with the help of skilled equipment not only avoids blockages, but it is also an effective measure for avoiding the damaging hose.

Replace Rusty Tubing

When you live in a house that was designed before 1970, the bathroom plumbing fixtures are almost definitely out of date. 

For avoiding the vulnerable breakages or corrosion, we suggest you replace the pipes which are made up of lead, iron, steel, and polybutylene. 

For example, the pipes that are made of up lead are highly harmful to potable water systems.

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