Plumbing5 Things You Should Know About Leaking Water In The Bathroom

March 24, 2020by leakypipes

Taking care of a house or apartment is not an easy task, especially when you are living alone. So, it is good to be prepared for solving the complications in your plumbing systems which may turn into major inconveniences. 

So, in this article, we have covered 5 things which you should know about leaking water in the bathroom. 

We have listed below 5 tips for you to learn everything about solving your plumbing issues.

How to identify a leak?

The main signs for a leak in the bathroom are mold stains on the wall or ceiling, excess moisture on the tile joints. These signs can be found even when the shower was not used. 

Obviously if you find the floor or the surrounding of the faucet with water, this is a good indication that the problem is occurring.

There are also some tests you can do to identify whether or not there is a water leak in your home. 

One of them is to close the water record of your house and check directly on the clock. Then take a note on your cell phone or on some paper the number that appears on the water meter. 

Try to close all the faucets in the house and do not use a toilet, shower or anything for two hours on average.

After this time, go to the watch and check if there has been any change in the number or hand.

How To Know The Origin?

The problems in your house can be easily identified easily, hence there will be no secrets. 

This facilitates the process, since, once you have decided to stop the leak, you just need to find a professional to resolve this inconvenience. 

In the case of apartments, first of all, it will be necessary to understand the source of the problem. 

That is, it is necessary that the professional check if the leak comes from the neighbor’s apartment or if it is internal.

How To Prevent?

Choosing the right bathroom covering is as important as choosing the right paint for your house.

Choosing the right bathroom covering can prevent the degrading effects of an infiltration. 

Choosing quality coatings, such as ceramic tiles and using some specific paints makes a big difference.

Epoxy paint is one of the most suitable for these cases. Solvent-based epoxy is used on sea shores, as it is extremely resistant, even against corrosion and very severe conditions. 

Water-based epoxy paint can also be applied and already greatly increases the impermeability of the site.

How To Resolve And Stop A Leak?

A pipe may suffer damage due to time, the connections may have small gaps, or it is even possible that someone will pierce the pipe when performing some service on the walls where the pipes pass.

When these things happen, the service includes removing the cladding and breaking the wall to gain access to the damaged location. 

Then, the leaking part is replaced and the wall is rebuilt. It is not the type of service that anyone can perform, so it is important to hire a qualified professional.

Who To Turn To In This Situation?

You can ask for a service provider referral to your friends, family or neighbors. Another option that currently exists is the hiring of professionals through a  service provision application .

If you find any difficulty in solving the plumbing issues reach your friends at Resolved Plumbing. We are there with you in solving all your plumbing issues.

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