PlumbingBasic Plumbing Ideas Everyone Must Be Aware Of

March 7, 2020by leakypipes

Whether it is a working pipe or a clogged pipe?  It is important to do a regular inspection on your plumbing systems. You should definitely call your friends at Resolved Plumbing to solve all your plumbing related issues. 

Prevention is better than cure. The basic plumbing issues that can be easily cured by yourself. 

Here are some of the basic tips for avoiding serious problems. They are

  • Don’t drill your holes
  • Keep out the leaks
  • Put the space out
  • Do not litter by sewers

Don’t Drill Your Holes

Planning to drill holes or nails in walls, floors or ceilings? Determine first if there are supply or drainage pipes behind your work area, as you don’t want to drill them unintentionally. 

You can definitely make use of the economic stud finder to locate the pipes behind the walls. Alternatively, you can also invest in an endoscopic camera that can be inserted into the walls.

Keep Out The Leaks

In fact, a leaking tap usually wastes up to eight gallons of water a day, while a working toilet can waste 200 gallons a day. Quickly correct the small leaks before they become serious and costly issues.

Put The Space Out

Rely on a vacuum to clean and dry when trying to dislodge a hoof caused by a tiny, hard object (such as a shoe, toothbrush or pebble of a child). 

The object being vacuumed is more effective. A plunger just drives it further into the pipe, making it harder to extract.

Do Not Litter By Sewers

Never throw down the kitchen drain coffee beans, food scraps, bacon fat, vegetable peels, or starchy foods such as rice or potatoes; they will surely clog your pipes. 

It is also a good idea to read the manual for waste disposal from the supplier and find out exactly what the unit is capable of doing.