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Remodeling your bathroom is something that can be very exciting for home owners but it also something that needs to be done by a professional. There are many things that go into remodeling a bathroom that someone with little experience can tend to forget. Here at Resolved Plumbing we specialize in remodeling bathrooms and are more than happy to come out and provide a consultation on the remodeling that you want done.

We have proudly been servicing the Tri-Cities area for many years and are please to provide you with the best service around. Give us a call at 423-963-0346


Let’s Create the Bathroom Of Your Dreams

Ready to remodel and create the bathroom of your dreams? Here at Resolved Plumbing we specialize in bathroom remodeling and renovation. We give you the magic wand and let you tell us exactly how you want your bathroom to look and we make sure that we achieve that look and more.

We have access to all types of bathroom fixtures and accessories and often times this is the most complicated part. You have everything from the claw-foot soaker tub to the soothing jets of a whirlpool tub. Maybe it is a multi-head shower with steam heat that you are seeking. Perhaps it is the heated tile flooring that you desire. Whatever your desires are, Resolved Plumbing can turn them into a reality.

At Resolved Plumbing, we offer a wide range of fixtures and accessories that will suit any type of design. These fixtures will not only please you aesthetically, but they will be completely functional for many years to come. Give us a call today at 423-963-0346 

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Bathroom & Kitchen Renovation

When it comes to a bathroom remodel, the designing yes.. that part is best left to you. But the work and labor is best left to a professional at Resolved Plumbing.

All of our work comes backed with guarantees and warranties. In addition to this, we carry specific insurance policies and plans to protect you, your family, and your home in the event that something goes wrong. Of course, we take every precaution possible to ensure that nothing does go wrong, but sometimes things just happen. And, this is why we carry such policies. Pick up the phone and give us a call at (423) 963-0346 to start working with a qualified member of our design team.