PlumbingCauses Of Low Water Pressure In Your Home

March 16, 2020by leakypipes

We’ve all been living with clogged drains and pipes. What happens when the problem does not come from water drainage? Or else what would be the actual reason behind low-pressure water?   

Typical household water pressure is around 40 to 45 pounds per square inch (or PSI). If you feel you are dealing with low water pressure, your pressure has probably fallen below that level.

You face low water pressure due to the following reasons

  • Your Town May Changed Its Regulations
  • Problem In Your Water Supplier
  • The Shut-Off Valve At The Main House Is Not Completely Open
  • Inaccurate Pressure Regulator
  • The Water Valve Is Not Completely Open

Your Town May Changed Its Regulations

There is also a risk that some of your city’s water regulations may change, in this case, your water provider has no choice but to comply.

If that’s the case you have to buy a water booster machine. Although these systems can be installed yourself, it is better to call a plumber who can ensure that they are installed properly. A successful installation depends upon factors such as the pipe’s size and age. 

Problem In Your Water Supplier

Ask your neighbors before you begin to switch the valves, and touch the pipes. If your neighbors experience similar issues, it is likely that your low-pressure water is causing trouble in your house.

Well, for finding a solution you have to consult your water supplier for confirming the source of the issue. If the issue is from the water supplier, then don’t need to panic.   

The Shut-Off Valve At The Main House Is Not Completely Open

If you discover that you are the only one who faces the low-pressure water, it’s time to start checking your house for the issue.

Homeowners need to understand how to locate and close the shut-off valve in their home. 

Inaccurate Pressure Regulator

Not many pipes come with a regulator for controlling the flow of water.  You can decide whether you can’t get the correct reading from the pressure regulator. 

Attach a water pressure gage to the external hose socket, preferably the one that is nearest to the pressure regulator. 

The pressure gage will give you an instant reading of your water pressure when switching on the tap.

If it’s less than that your pressure regulator records, then the pressure regulator may be your problem. 

Such controls are designed to adjust water supply line pressure to a safe level for your plumbing. 

The Water Valve Is Not Completely Open

The water meter valve controls the entry of water into your faucets. This valve is the water company’s property, and most residents would never properly handle this valve. 

Some of them, particularly those located underground, are difficult to reach.

If you’ve done any work around your home recently, particularly when your low water pressure has started showing up, you can contact your water company. 

Chances are that after the job is done, the valve hasn’t fully opened and somebody needs to go in and open it up completely.

If you are continuously facing the low water pressure problems, then it is definitely the time to reach your friends at Resolved Plumbing. We are there for you in solving all your plumbing issues.