PlumbingCleaning The Drain: Home Remedies And Alternative Tips

March 24, 2020by leakypipes

Are you seeking for simple home remedies for solving the clogged drain? The answer is yes! You can make use of the lime and fat, baking soda and vinegar for clearing the clogs instead of chemical cleaners. 


  • If you are not satisfied with vinegar and baking soda you can make use of the dishwasher tabs.
  • It releases grease and organic dirt from the house and gets dissolved with the help of boiling water.

What Do Drain Cleaners Bring?

So-called inorganic drain cleaners are available as liquid pipe cleaners or as granules and consist of chemical ingredients that form caustic lye with water and it is used to remove blockages in drain pipes. 

The development of heat and gas (granulate) or tensides and chlorine water (liquid pipe cleaner) should loosen and decompose greases and deposits and free the drain from dirt in the long term. 

When using pipe cleaners, you should definitely ensure good ventilation and rinse the pipe sufficiently with water after the recommended exposure time.

Whether in the form of granules or liquid, chemical drain cleaners are among the most dangerous household products and should be used with caution. 

On the other hand, the aggressive chemical mixture is dangerous to health. Since strongly corrosive liquids and a pungent smell develop, you should only use chemical pipe cleaners with household gloves and a face mask. 


  • Biological drain cleaners are healthy and environmentally friendly. These work with enzymes that break down fats and proteins and can thus solve the organic causes of constipation. 
  • However, their disadvantage is the long exposure time of several hours, which are usually difficult to achieve in the kitchen and bathroom.

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