PlumbingDetect The Broken Sewer Line With Three Simple Steps

March 16, 2020by leakypipes

Basically the main sewer lines are buried under the ground. Since it is not easily visible, it is quite harder to find the issues in these sewer lines.  In this article, we have provided you three simple steps to find the issues in the sewer line.

Steps For Finding The Sewer Line Issues

The sewer lines are mainly used for the purpose to carry the wastewater. Here are the simple steps for detecting the sewer line issues.

  • Residual gas odor 
  • Clogged drain
  • Leaky sewer line

Residual Gas Odor

You may not easily detect the sewer line problems since they are present under the ground. A heavy gas odor is strong enough to detect the emerging problem in these lines. 

If there is any blockage in these drains, you can definitely smell a bad odor throughout your house. If you sense a strong odor, then your sewer line is definitely broken.

Clogged Drain

A breach or collapse may cause a leaky sewer line. However, a leak is sometimes caused by a tree root that has penetrated the pip. 

Some of those leaks are harder to detect than others, particularly in areas where the underground sewer line is buried. Although a leak in the sewer line is practically invisible, it may occur in warmer climates where very deep lines need not be buried.

Leaky Sewer Line

Occasionally, you can encounter the slightly clogged drain in your toilet, sink or tub. You can fix these base clogs immediately with simple steps.

Meanwhile, if a blockage starts occurring in an unusual frequency particularly in multiple drains or if the water flows slowly in your house, it may be a sign of a blocked sewer line. 

What You Have To Do When You Find Issues In Sewer Line?

The issues in sewer line problems cannot be fixed by using simple remedies, If you find the above-mentioned issues in your sewer, it is definitely time to call the professional plumbers.

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