PlumbingEssential Maintenance Tips For Your Plumbing System

March 7, 2020by leakypipes

What do you do if the faucets, broken pipes, clogged toilets, and a cold water heater start to leak? What you will do to avoid these plumbing issues? Knowing the problem and doing preventive maintenance will help you to avoid serious plumbing issues.

To solve these plumbing issues effectively you must have a clear understanding of your plumbing system. Our bathroom sinks, kitchen, appliances such as a refrigerator, and washing machine utilizes a lot of water. 

Having proper maintenance of your plumbing system helps you to maintain a healthy plumbing system. 

Here are some of the essential preventive maintenance tips

  • Repair the leaking toilets
  • Check the flow of water in all exposed pipes and fittings
  • Remove the accumulated sediment from your shower head
  • Check the things you rinse down the drain
  • Clean the clogged drains effectively 
  • Repair leaking showers and faucets

Now let us learn about these simple steps in detail

Repair The Leaking Toilets

A faulty seal around the valve seat can sometimes keep your toilet running even when it isn’t discharged. 

Dirt keeps on forming around the valve seat over time. 

This dirt prevents proper sealing of the valve which keeps the water running. 

Another problem might have to do with the handle or the tank door. It is one of the basic repairs which can be solved quickly and cost-effective.

Check The Flow Of Water In All Exposed Pipes And Fittings

Sometimes excess amounts of water flow from the refrigerator or water heater. Look at the manufacturer’s specifications for maintaining their products. 

Check for visible signs of spills on walls and ceilings, or puddles, such as water stains. 

Installing a drip tray under the water heater, refrigerator and the washing machine in case of leakage will help to limit the damage.

Remove The Accumulated Sediment From Your Water Heater

A large amount of accumulated sediments may increase your shower head’s water pressure.

Drain the water heater regularly or semi-annually to remove the sediments. Your water heater can get in overtime and become less efficient.

Check The Things You Rinse Down The Drain

The problem with sewers and bathrooms is that they cannot drain all the items. The easiest way to avoid plumbing issues is to be careful with what you’re rinsing or pouring. 

Do not put anything inside the toilet except toilet paper and human waste. Do not spill anything in the sewer which can be reactive.

Clean The Clogged Drains Effectively

Once the water flows slowly, a problem may occur. Use a homemade combination of vinegar and warm water to clean the drain and unclog any debris before it gets out of control. 

This suggestion for preventive maintenance can be made every month this will help to restore the flow.

Repair leaking showers and faucets

Leaking faucets will waste a great amount of water and this may increase your bill. And if you don’t repair a leaking tap or showerhead, the drip may get worse over time. 

Check the taps and showerheads for leaks periodically, and make the necessary repairs to avoid problems. Assess the handles to make sure that no drops of water are present when the handles are in the off position, and check for water spots or splinters under the sinks if water flows.

Preventive maintenance is an effective method to avoid serious plumbing issues. If you have any doubt in preventive maintenance give a call to your mates at Resolved Plumbing.