PlumbingEssential Plumbing Tips For Rainy Days

March 16, 2020by leakypipes

The outdoor weather like the rain has a great impact on your plumbing system. That’s why plumbers recommend taking appropriate action before bad weather like rain that leads to flooding and other issues. 

Here are some ways to protect the pipes from the disasters

  • Take effective measures to prevent flooding
  • Clean gutters and roofs
  • Inspect your pipe regularly

Now let us learn about these steps in detail. Follow the below-mentioned steps carefully to avoid serious plumbing issues.

Take Effective Measures To Prevent Flooding

Some houses are more vulnerable to flooding than others because of their location or construction. Water that infiltrates may damage the fixtures and your house which may also induce growth in the mold. 

Prevent floods due to hurricanes or water overflows by holding the drywall integrity and adding an emergency sump pump. 

If the flood results from a rescue line contact the professional plumber at Resolved Plumbing to resolve the problem immediately.

Clean Gutters And Roofs

The rain will carry twigs, leaves, and other debris to the gutters during torrential rains. 

Once the gutters can’t work properly, rainwater flows down your house’s slope, which could weaken the foundation and even flood your home. 

Shallow pipes can also be damaged if soil soaks to erosion level. Prevent those issues by cleaning the gutters and the roof periodically during the rainy season.

Inspect Your Pipe Regularly

Have a regular check on your plumbing system by arranging annual inspections. Having a regular inspection of your plumbing system helps you to reduce the serious plumbing issues and costly repairs.

Other Ways To Prevent Problems

The below mentioned are some of the other effective steps to avoid plumbing issues during rainy days.

  • In winter, detach hoses from outdoor faucets to prevent water from freezing and breaking hoses, which cause flooding.


  • Find out where the main water shut-off valve is in your home, so if there is a leak, you can immediately leave and lock the water before you enter the whole house.


  • Quickly solve the problems. Even small leaks can easily oxidize the pipes and cause significant harm to the water or the mold.


  • Always hang up clothes using an exposed hose. This will break the seals and fittings.

If you still face any serious plumbing issues, you can contact your friends at Resolved Plumbing. We are always there with you in solving each and every plumbing issue.