PlumbingEssential Steps For Maintenance And Cleaning Of Toilets

March 7, 2020by leakypipes

You will definitely seek the doctor if you are affected with fever, running nose or cough to maintain your body’s health condition. In the same way, your toilet also needs regular inspection to ensure its perfect working condition.  

Toilets are one of the heavy-duty equipment in your home. Hence your toilet needs regular cleaning and maintenance. 

Here are some of the simple tips for cleaning your toilet.

  • Have A gloves
  • Soak The Sponge With Warm Water
  • Add Formulated Cleanser
  • Flush The Water
  • Use Disinfectant Spray

Now let us learn about these steps in detail,

Have A Gloves

Without any doubt, your toilet is definitely the heaven of germs. So don’t forget to wear your gloves before starting your cleaning process. 

Wearing the gloves will definitely help you to avoid direct contact with the germs. 

Soak The Sponge With Warm Water

Soak the sponge with warm water, then use it to clean the dirt around the tank, the lid, the foundations, the bench and the outside the bowl. Using the sponge soaked with warm water helps you clean the dirt in a better way.

Add Formulated Cleanser

Inside the interior of the bowl add the formulated cleaner, then let the cleaner soak for a few minutes. Then use the brush to scrub off the grime. Use the water in the bowl for activating the suds.

We recommend regular cleaning of the toilet bowl, instead of using tablet cleaners in the tank. Such pills also cause seals and washers to erode and make your system function properly.

Instead of using the tablet cleanser we recommend you use the regular toilet cleanser. Using tablet cleaners causes erosion to washers and cakes, and makes your system run properly.  

Flush The Water

Continue to wash as water enters the tub. This will clean the bowl at exactly the same time as it brushes.

Use Disinfectant Spray

Wash with a disinfectant spray for cleaning the rest of the toilet. Make sure your toilet is cleaned well so that it can avoid the spreading of germs.

Tips For Maintaining Your Toilet

Periodic cleaning often won’t do the job. The underlying problem may be more serious. 

If your bathroom worked well but it was repaired or drained all of a sudden, you probably have a clog. 

Next, open the tank, and test the level of water. Is the water level below its usual level? A low water level means that there is no sufficient water level for the siphon motion that moves the water through the container. 

Move the float arm up, then add water slightly to the tank and leave the water from the top for about 11/2 inches.

If the blockage continues, start searching for other rotting sources. Occasionally, with the buildup of compounds in water, the small ports around the bottom of the edge of the toilet bowl may become clogged. 

To remove debris easily use a hanger or screwdriver. Give a call to Resolved Plumbing to solve plumbing issues.  Your friends at Resolved Plumbing definitely helps you to overcome the unmanageable toilet problems.


What is the actual time for a new bathroom? If the repair cost goes beyond the limit it is better to consider a new toilet instead of repairing it. 

It may be time to update if you have frequent obstructions and still pull the hair, soaking your bathroom daily. 

A crack in the toilet bowl definitely causes unnecessary leakage and unsuitable discharge which is also a good reason to start over. 

Mostly tiny leaks cause long-term damage to the toilet floor. Be sure to pick powerful toilets for your next purchase. 

Not only will it help the environment by saving water with every rinse, but you’ll also see your water bill improving.

Good bathrooms are the ones that are cared for and preserved. Keep your toilet clean but also take the time from time to time to search your bathroom