PlumbingFix Your Leaky Faucets With 5 Simple Steps

March 16, 2020by leakypipes

A leaky faucet is one of the common issues which could turn into a great problem. Fixing the leaky faucet at the early stage definitely helps you to stay away from high-cost plumbing repairs.

You can fix this issue by using a compression faucet which is inexpensive and easy.

You can fix your leaky faucets with the below given simple steps

  • Do not make it even worse.
  • Remove any decorative components 
  • Use your wrench 
  • Inspect the washer and O-ring
  • Carefully reassemble the parts

So far we learned about the basics of leaking faucets. Now let us learn each step in detail.

Do Not Make The Mess Worse

Do not make a small repair into a serious issue. Before using a screwdriver or wrench to fix this mess, make sure to shut off the running water from gribs and knobs. And make sure to control the flowing water from the mainline.

Remove The Decorative Components

Before starting the repairing process, you should remove the decorative items. Make use of the flat-head screwdriver to remove those items. You can also utilize the easy penetrating oil to easily unscrew those items.

Inspect Washer And O-Ring

When everything is not altered at this point, inspect the washer and O-ring which is present inside the valve seat. Remove the washer and put a replacement into them.

It’s sometimes tough to decide that your replacement washers and O-rings are an exact fit. 

If you’re not certain about it, check the chair to determine if the sides match a cone-shaped or flat washer, and buy the appropriate type. 

If you are not aware of the exact match you can have a look at the cone-shaped or flat washer to buy the appropriate item.

Carefully Reassemble The Parts

Run the water slowly and gradually through the knob to ensure the perfect working condition of your faucet.

If you still find the leaks in the repaired faucet, this could be due to the rust which is present in the valve seat.

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