PlumbingHow To Fix The Air Gap In Spurting Water

March 7, 2020by leakypipes

You may keep the dishwasher running for a few minutes, sometimes you may get surprised by seeing the water flooded all over your sink, countertop or even the floor? Has the water leaked beside the faucet in the occasional protrusion? You would have definitely submerged in thought what thing you did. 

The main reason for this issue is due to the air gap which is caused in your faucet. This air clog prevents the water from getting back into the dishwasher, which happens when sinks are obstructed and there is no presence of air gap.

Contaminated water could be sucked back into the dishwasher with no air gap by dirtying your clean dishes and making you feel sick.

Working Of Air Gap

The below mentioned are the points which explain to you the working of air gap. Read these points carefully to get a clear understanding.

  • The dishwasher hose connects to an input at the air gap and the water is expelled out by the end of the properly functioning air gap,
  • Gravity pulls the disposal of the garbage into the hose which carries them.
  • The distance where the water drops down the tube works to avoid siphoning, thereby preventing the backup of water into the dishwasher. 
  • Food can clog an air gap over time, preventing the flow of water. 
  • Alternatively, the installer forgets to remove a knockout plug at the input to which the water line is attached when a brand new garbage disposal is installed. 
  • Both of these conditions are fairly straightforward to fix and we’ll show you how below.

Steps For Fixing The Air Clog

  • Failure to remove the knockout plug in the input at which the water line reaches garbage disposal is among the most common causes of an air gap clog. 
  • It blocks the entry of water, which triggers a backup.
  • Just remove the water line in the garbage disposal to fix this, insert a screwdriver into the input and then hit it with a hammer to pop up the knockout plug-out. 
  • Be sure to reach into the garbage disposal before using the disposal and choose the knockout plug out.
  • For milder clogs, pop the air gap cap off, then place a cardboard tube over the hole from a roll of paper towels. 
  • Blow a great amount of force through the top and some other material will come loose. 
  • But, if it doesn’t work you can either use a long bottle brush or a wet/dry vacuum to cure the clog. 
  • Using a bottle brush, simply extend it down the air gap (not the line in the dishwasher but the line leading to disposal) and twist it until the debris line is loosened. 
  • Or, position the hose over the air gap using a wet/dry vacuum, then turn it on and wait twenty-five seconds to a minute. Therefore anything should be pulled out in the air gap.
  • Eventually, you can prevent contamination of your clean dishes from evil bacteria lurking in your tub. 

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