PlumbingHow To Solve Leak In Bathroom Stall?

March 24, 2020by leakypipes

For being in contact with constant humidity, leakage in the shower stall is more common than you think. The shower head which are being susceptible to hydraulic problems can cause a lot of headaches, as this type of problem can damage structures, impair aesthetics, increase water consumption and even cause accidents.

The good news is that, once identified, the leak in the shower stall can be repaired effectively.

How to find out if there is a leak in a bathroom stall? Leakage is often not easily noticed. Still, it is possible to know if you are experiencing this type of problem. 

Here’s what to watch for:

  • stains on the wall paint;
  • blistered or peeling paint;
  • mold signs;
  • grout leaving easily, as when swiping;
  • hollow sound where the bathroom pipe goes;
  • floor taking off.

Now that you know the problem exists, it’s easier to solve it and decide whether you’ll call a professional or take a risk in the world of construction and plumbing.

How To Solve The Problem?

Below given are some of the steps for solving the problems in the bathroom stall.


One of the causes of the leak can be sloppy or worn caulking. If so, you can solve the problem yourself.

First of all, you need to remove all the caulking that already exists. You can use a knife to assist in this work. If you prefer, use a remover, which is sold in specialized stores. 

After that, clean up the residue that remains and wait for the area to dry for at least a day. This ensures that your work will have results.Use tape to mark a margin of about half a centimeter from the gap in which the caulking will be applied. 

Take care that the line is straight and does not compromise the finish.Now, you should apply the silicone evenly, across the crack. 

Use your finger to press the product and give a better finish. You must let the area dry for at least a day until the adhesive tape is removed.

Polymer Mortar

Polymeric mortars are materials produced with special cement and waterproofing additives. They are the most used products to solve leakage problems in kitchens and bathrooms. 

Although it is more complex, since it requires and removes floors and tiles , this method is also quite efficient to end problems in your bathroom stall .

The application must be done with the surface completely clean. Steel sponge can be used to remove residues and signs of moisture or oil.

After that, it is important to make sure that there is a slight inclination towards the drain, if the problem is on the floor of the stall . 

The formation of small puddles contributes to the appearance of hydraulic problems .Once this is done, it is important to apply the waterproofing agent over the entire area and evenly. 

It is necessary to wait about six hours to then repeat the application in the opposite direction to the one already done.

Waterproofing Blankets

Another very effective way to end the leak in the shower stall is with the use of waterproofing blankets. 

This product is easily found in construction material stores, but it is also more suitable to be made by a trained and experienced professional. It is more suitable for sealing the drain of the box .

If you are not able to solve the issue with the help of above given methods give a call to your friends at Resolved Plumbing. We are there with you in solving all your plumbing issues.