Slab LeakInfiltration In The Apartment Slab: How To Solve

March 24, 2020by leakypipes

The infiltration is one of the priors problems one can face on a daily basis of any property. Unfortunately, this type of structural problem is difficult to solve, in fact, it is even difficult to identify these problems. The problem is even greater when there is infiltration in the apartment slab .

In homes the problem is already quite complicated because of the difficulty of solving the problem and the many disorders it can cause.

However, when dealing with apartments, the problem lies in the fact that there are several residents and that the infiltration of the slab can be a problem between the apartments. This damages not only the property, but also the relationship between neighbors.

Resolved Plumbing knows how these problems can affect your daily life. That is why we always develop the best methods and train our professionals to identify and solve these problems.

In this article we have provided you the details about causes and the steps for solving the infiltration problems in your apartment.

How To Identify Infiltration In The Apartment Slab ?

First of all it is important to know how to identify these problems, as they can be invisible most of the time.

An infiltration ends up causing physical changes in the apartment’s slab. However, it is possible that these changes only happen after a long time with the problem. Still, it is important to keep an eye out for some signs.

Main Causes Of Infiltration

Some of the important causes of infiltration are as given below as follows they are

  • Moisture on the walls
  • Dark stains on the ceiling
  • Paint peeling, puffing or damp
  • Presence of mold

Now let us learn about them in detail

  • Moisture on the walls. Even if the infiltration of water originates in the slab, it is possible that the humidity ends up going down the walls and the initial signs start on the walls.
  • Dark stains on the ceiling caused due to the infiltration in the apartment bathroom.
  • Paint peeling, puffing or damp. When using an iron tool it is possible to notice the humidity of the painting;
  • Presence of mold.

These signs indicate that there is an infiltration between the apartments, mainly on the slab. The origin of the infiltration can come from a number of different factors.

Commonly, signs of infiltration appear on the bathroom slab, as the neighbor’s bathroom is also above. 

This is the place where infiltration problems are more common, as it is an environment where there is a lot of water use.

How To Solve Infiltration Problems In The Apartment Slab?

To solve the problem, it is first necessary to arrive at the exact point of origin of the defect.

 In infiltration like this, the problem is usually caused by two main defects, 

  • leakage in the pipeline of the upper neighbor
  • infiltration through the floor.

If a pipe is broken and water leaks, without a doubt this water will end up passing through the slab and causing the structural problems.

Another problem is that the neighbor’s floor above has waterproofing problems. This means that, due to cracks in the floor or even a defect in the grout, the water used to clean the floor ends up seeping into the slab between the two apartments.

To solve the problem, it is necessary to identify the cause of the problem. In the case of pipes, it is necessary to break the floor to replace the defective part.

If the problem is caused by infiltration on the floor, it is necessary to find where the infiltration is occurring and replace the floor or simply redo the grouting of the environment.

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