PlumbingIt Gurgles In The Drain: Different Causes And Different Solutions

March 24, 2020by leakypipes

If the drain gurgles or gives off unpleasant smells, this is annoying and cannot be accepted in the long run. Different causes are conceivable, so the solutions also look different. 

By the way, if a drain just gurgles without smelling it, this can be an alarm signal, even if the water runs off well. Because the gurgling can come from a constriction in the form of an incipient constipation that gradually clogs up. 

If there is a blockage, the drain gurgles because slowly draining water creates an overpressure below the blockage and air bubbles are pushed up again and again.

First The Home Remedies

The easiest thing to do is to try a drain cleaner first . However, chemical cleaners pollute the environment. 

The pipes can also be attacked. If you want to avoid this, first try home remedies such as baking soda, vinegar or salt. This often leads to success. 

Bird’s Nest In The Vent?

If this remains useless, first check whether the ventilation pipe is clogged. Birds may have built a nest there, or leaves may have fallen into it.

Then gradually the whole pipe clogs up. Unfortunately, many ventilation pipes end on or on the roof. It can usually be found above the bathroom on the top floor or on an outer wall in this area.

Once the ventilation pipe has been checked and cleaned, it can be quite complex to get the ventilation going again. Before taking further measures in this direction, you should be sure that there is no constipation.

Look For And Find Constipation

First you have to try to locate the constipation. Mostly results from the arrangement of water tapping points and the sewage pipe in the basement , for example , where the sewage pipes are located in the house. 

Then you try all the discharge points. The blockage is above the last entry point, which still works perfectly.

To clear the blockage, try to get to the relevant point with a long spindle from the appropriate entry point. 

There are spindles that are ten meters long. To do this, you usually have to remove a siphon. 

Then you try to clear the blockage by pushing and turning. Once this is done, you should rinse well.

Exhaust Ventilation

If you are sure that there is no constipation, venting must be the problem. Usually you have to bite the sour apple and install a mechanical tube aerator . 

You can get these for well under 100 euros and if you install it yourself, you save the costs for the craftsman.

 This happens at the highest discharge point, preferably at a toilet, in the following steps:

  • Separate the toilet from the cistern (loosen the union nuts) and remove it (loosen the screw connection from the floor or wall)
  • Pull the toilet off the drain pipe and set aside.
  • Pull the drain pipe out of the wall and install a new drain pipe that has an additional plug.
  • Mount a pipe aerator on the second plug, do not forget the seal.
  • Install the toilet.
  • Install cistern.

That’s a lot of effort. An alternative is to install a pipe extension with ventilation in the siphon . 

When installing and removing the siphon, proceed as described above. It depends on the situation whether sufficient air gets into the system in this way. The problem may not be completely solved, but it will be significantly reduced.

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