PlumbingList Of Items You Should Never Flush

February 21, 2020by leakypipes

You have definitely faced this scenario at least once in your lifetime. Sometimes, you have a crowd of guests and you’re late for that scheduled party. 

In order to avoid this hurry, you will immediately flush your newborn baby’s diaper and your cat litter tray which are supposed to be dumped in the garbage. These are waste, Aren’t they? Do they flush properly? 

Unfortunately, these things don’t matter, the problem can happen at the bottom of your pipe, where you won’t notice it until things go wrong. 

You must restrict your family members to flush the unwanted things, to keep your flush in the proper working condition. While you may think that the successful flush means you’re never going to see those things forever in your life by flushing them. 

Checklist Of Items That Must Not Be Flushed

We created a checklist of “No Flush Items” and these things on the “No Flush Items” list can cause serious long-term damage to the pipe if it is not followed.

The items in the “No Flush Items” are given below as follows: 

  • Wet Towels
  • Newborn Disposable Diapers
  • Wet Towels
  • Oil, Fats, And Creases
  • Floss
  • Dressings
  • Towels Made From Paper
  • Flushing Toilet Paper In Excessive Amounts
  • Medical Disposal
  • Cleaning Head Of Toilet Bowl 
  • Tampons And Pads
  • Condoms
  • Hair

Now let us move on to the steps on how to dispose of them effectively

Wet Towels

The wet towels are often advertised as “flushable wipes,” but in reality they are not degradable and end up by stucking in the sewer systems, causing a lot of damage in the end. It’s a wonderful product to keep in your home, without any doubt so throw them in the trash when you are finished.

Newborn Disposable Diapers

After a few flushes, you may be able to lower it, but these non-biodegradable gems will eventually get stuck in the U-bend and cause a fierce clog in the system.

Pet Litter

Pet Litter consists of clay and sand so don’t flush them. They may get clogged in the system and cause serious issues.

Cigarette Buds

Cigarette Buds consists of full of toxic substances and chemicals so it is better to keep away from sewer systems.

Oil, Fats, And Creases

Scraping these items directly into the grease jar or trash can be designated for later use which is preferable. They seem to have a flushable liquid form but when they are hot they form as a clogging wax in the system.


If you want to control the problem in the flushing system, wrap these non-biodegradable cables around your plumbing system instead of flushing them. 


Non-biodegradable plastics in the medical dressings may cause sewer system blockages and many problems.

Towels Made From Paper

A towel that is made from paper may sound reasonable. This is not so. Towels that are made from paper are not like toilet paper. They don’t break down like toilet paper and may cause serious blockage in the system.

Flushing Toilet Paper In Excessive Amounts

Do not use toilet paper in excessive amounts. Try to save the toilet paper for later usage.

Medical Disposal

Medicines are full of toxins that damage the environment and could cause a dangerous chemical cocktail in our water system. 

If there is no medical disposal facility in your area, the FDA recommends mixing and throwing this medical disposal with a cat litter or ground coffee.

Cleaning Head Of Toilet Bowl 

We love to clean our toilet bowl with our magical wand. The disposable head should be thrown into the trash and it should not be flushed after cleaning the bowl. 

Tampons And Pads

They are intended to absorb moisture and expand. So, they must not be flushed.


If you are not happy to see your condom at the top of the trash, instead of flushing them wrap them in some cover and throw them. 


Hair is undoubtedly one of the worst things to flush. Just imagine how your system looks by continuously filling up with hairballs. So, don’t flush it and dispose of it in the trash.

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