PlumbingMaintain Your Drain With Simple Steps

March 7, 2020by leakypipes

Prevention is the way to maintain a healthy drainage system. As a general rule, if you know what things drains into a drain, you generally do not need to regularly clean them. 

To maintain your drain in a perfect working condition it is important to know the basic solutions for all drainage systems.

Essential Tips To Maintain Your Drain In The Perfect Working Condition

The below mentioned are some of the simple steps which help you to maintain your drain in the perfect working condition. Follow these steps effectively to avoid serious issues.

  • Have sink strainer
  • Put aside the fat
  • Take off waste 
  • Clean regularly
  • Keep certain substances out

Now let us learn about these steps in detail

Have Sink Strainer

Make use of a sink strainer that is available in most appliance stores. 

The sink strainer effectively catches the food particles which are big enough to affect the plumbing drains.

After washing your vessels you can quickly transfer those particles into the trash if you are using a disposable one. 

Start looking for one with relatively thin holes, since the drains with large holes allow smaller particles to fall through the drains.

Put Aside The Fat

When it comes to fat, it is best not to throw it as much as you can. Oil and grease will tie together to form giant blockages with other solids. 

You should dump it into an old box or tub instead of pouring oil and greasing it down the kitchen drain, and throw it away.

Take Off Waste

The main culprits which block your drain are food such as rice, breadcrumbs, and traces of oil from an oven. It’s a common mistake to think “a few crumbs won’t hurt” and we often put them in the kitchen sink. 

Furthermore, we also rinse the used cans before throwing them away to prevent odors and the rest of the material often disappears, have you guessed where it stays!

Clean Regularly

No, we’re not thinking about you having to go down under the sink and play with your drain accessories. We’re referring to cleaning the sink once a week by dumping some homemade soap combined with boiling water down the drain. 

Baking soda is a preferred drain cleaner, as baking soda is mixed with vinegar, creating a sparkling wine that works well to clean the drain. 

You can even use the available bacterial enzyme cleaners at health food stores to safely “use” blocked debris on the pipes ‘ inside surfaces.

Keep Certain Substances Out

To stop blockages, you should do your part by throwing the following in the garbage instead of the drain: 

  • Eggshells.
  • Items for household cleaning.
  • Ground coffee.
  • Medicine.
  • Towels.
  • Paper napkins.
  • Fruit peel.
  • Produce stickers.

The above-mentioned items do not drain effectively. Follow the steps in this article to keep your drains safe and clean, and you can avoid problems with everyday drainage. 

But in spite of your best efforts occasionally obstructions happen. Without proper preparation and equipment, a stubborn hoof can be hard to remove.

If that blocks your drain, call your friends at  Resolved Plumbing. An experienced plumber will remove the plug at the source so that you can again enjoy a clear drain.