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March 7, 2020by leakypipes

In our day to day life, most of us have definitely come across the number of myths in each and everything we do. In the same way, there is no exception in myths in solving the plumbing issues. In this article, we have provided you the detailed information on some of the popular myths in solving plumbing issues.

Popular Myths In Solving Plumbing Issues

Below mentioned are some of the most popular myths believed by a number of people for solving their plumbing issues. They are 

  • As long as the water flows freely there are no issues in the working of the drain.
  • The tank cleaners keep the toilets fresh and clean
  • Running water removes clogged garbage disposal effectively
  • Lemons and other citrus fruits are suitable for disposing of waste
  • Hand soap can be used To clean the plumbing fixtures

Now let us learn about these myths in detail

Myth 1: As Long As The Water Flows Freely There Are No Issues In The Working Of The Drain

  • There is a possibility of clogging, even though the waste and food particles fall freely down the drain and the disposal still works well. 
  • Warning signs of a potential blockage include slower removal of debris or particles deposited in the discharge pipe. 
  • Responding to these telltale signs of imminent blockage could save you substantial repair costs as soon as possible. 
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Myth 2: The Tank Cleaners Keep The Toilets Fresh And Clean

  • No one needs his bathroom washed. Bath cleaners seem the perfect solution to make your bathroom smell better. 
  • While compared to other cleaning methods it is simple but it is not always the safest. 
  • To remove odors, the tank cleaners bleach odorous residue but do not kill them. 
  • The accumulation will eventually wreak havoc on your pipes. 
  • Try pouring vinegar into the overflow drain, instead of cleaners in the tank. 
  • Vinegar prevents residue and helps to reduce unwanted odors.

Myth 3: Running Water Removes Clogged Garbage Disposal Effectively

  • There are certain items that can’t simply manage its absence, no matter how much water is applied. 
  • For example, banana peels and eggshells should never be discarded, since they can irreparably harm your drainage system. 
  • When large pieces of debris need to be deposited at your hands, be sure to break them into smaller pieces when necessary and combine them with water before beginning the shredder. 

Myth 4: Lemons And Other Citrus Fruits Are Suitable For Disposing Of Waste

  • Notwithstanding the good scent, they create in your kitchen, lemons and citrus fruits will harm their removal. 
  • Lemons and oranges have citric acid that corrodes the metallic components that make up its removal. 
  • Wash their removal with ice, or mild soap and warm water instead of citrus fruits.

Myth 5: Hand Soap Can Be Used To Clean The Plumbing Fixtures

  • Hand soaps contain agents which depending on the composition of your materials can harm your plumbing fixtures. 
  • Use a mild remedy such as cutting the lemons and baking soda for your brass plumbing fixtures. 
  • To kill germs and avoid infections use a good disinfectant for the toilet bowl.