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Plumbing Services on New Home Builds

When planning your new home, you are probably thinking about wall colors, flooring options and shingles. You’re probably also considering plumbing fixtures and faucets. While important, the fixtures and faucets are just part of what goes into a large system of interworking pipes behind the scenes. In the construction of a new home in the Kingsport area, make sure your new plumbing system is as solid and well-constructed as the rest of your new home with the expert services of Resolved Plumbing.  

New Home Plumbing Systems

A plumbing system is comprised of three main parts:

  • Water Supply – How your new home will get fresh water.
  • Drainage System – How your home will dispose of used water.
  • Appliances & Fixtures – How you will use water in your home. 

The design and correct completion of a plumbing system are crucial to your home’s future. You don’t want to run the risk of your home’s plumbing system not passing code or not working properly in a few years. Plumbing systems that are either not installed correctly or equipped with high quality materials run the risk of ongoing future problems, which can include:

  • Leaks
  • Water Pressure Issues
  • Pipe Movement
  • Blockages

Resolved For New Home Plumbing

When you are building a new home, let the plumbers at Resolved Plumbing be your trusted partners! Our team of professionals is well experienced with new construction. We will help you with the design and planning of your home’s plumbing system to ensure the flow and structure make sense. The installation services we provide is precise and detailed to ensure years of functionality without worry. 

Customers in the Tri-Cities area continue to turn to Resolved Plumbing for a number of reasons, including our:

  • 2 year labor warranty on all services.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee. 
  • Service from a veteran-owned, local small business. 
  • Highly-trained and experienced plumbing professionals. 
  • Upfront pricing everytime. 

To set up your new home plumbing consultation, give us a call today at (423) 963-0346!