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Re-piping is replacing all of the old pipes in your home or building for new ones. This is an extensive job best left to the professionals here at Resolved Plumbing. Our technicians specialize in repiping jobs for both residential and commercial applications and have done so for many years so that you can rest assure that you are getting the best job possible for your home or commercial building.


Symptoms of a Pipe Leak

  • Low water pressure – low water pressure is tell tale sign that you most definitely have a leaky water pipe that is in need of repair
  • Corrosion – notice that some of your old pipes are corroding around the u-joints or angle ways? This is a common first sign that you are due for a pipe repair before a leak starts to come about.
  • Wet Floors and carpets – Notice your floor or carpet is wet for no apparent reason? This is a sign that you are in need of a repiping job because one of your pipes has sprung a leak and is in need of repair
  • Visible signs – are your floors, carpets, or ceilings showing signs of a water leak such as discoloration? This is a common sign that one of your pipes has sprung a leak.

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Our Repiping Services

No matter how large or small of pipe leak you may have the trained professionals at Resolved Plumbing can get your squared away in no time. Here at Resolved Plumbing we specialize in all types of leak repairs and repiping jobs.

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