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Your plumbing seems to work okay, but the pressure just is not right. Should you be concerned? Water pressure should be not too high or too low, not only for your comfort, but for the health of your plumbing systems. In some cases, water pressure issues can be serious and should have a plumber address them. 

For both high and low water pressure issues, connect with the experts at Resolved Plumbing. We will first determine what is causing the problem with your water pressure, then work to fix it with precision. Contact us now at (423) 963-0346.

Reasons For Low Water Pressure

Low pressure in pipes is more of a hassle to users than a hazard to your plumbing system. However, the causes of the low pressure can be detrimental to your pipes and should be taken care of promptly. 

Why is your water pressure low, and what can you do about it? The solution ultimately depends on the problem. A few common causes of low water pressure include:

An Unknown Leak – The most typical cause of low pressure problems, an undiagnosed leak can not only cause your water pressure to drop, it can do major amounts of property damage if left untreated. Getting the leak repaired will fix the water pressure and save you money on your water bills. 

Mineral Build Up – For those with hard water, mineral build up in the pipes can cause pressure problems as the water just cannot get through the pipes as well. A water softener may be a good solution in this case to help reduce mineral deposits. 

Problems With The Municipality – Those who receive their water from a city source could find their pressure drop is the fault of the municipality. City pipes can form leaks and have problems just as private residence pipes can. Someone from your utility company should be able to determine if there could have been issues affecting your pressure nearby. 

Reasons For High Water Pressure

High pressure from your shower and faucets can cause large problems in a home or business. For starters, higher pressure means more water usage and larger water bills. Also, high pressure is not good for appliances, as it could cause them to leak or get worn out earlier than usual. Generally, the causes of high pressure can include: 

Lower Location – High pressure problems typically occur due to gravity and the location of a home or business. In our hilly area, any high pressure issues are most likely due to the water flowing down to you from a much higher-up source. 

General Location – If you are not at the bottom of a hill but are still experiencing high pressure water from your taps, it could still be caused by your location. For example, if your home is located near a fire hydrant, the water needs to be at strong pressure all the time for the hydrant to function properly. Consequently, while you may not live at the bottom of a hill, if many of your neighbors do, the utility company may have to increase everyone’s pressure to make up the difference. 

To control the water pressure in your home, a pressure reduction valve installed by the expert plumbers at Resolved Plumbing can help. If you already have a pressure reduction valve installed in your home but are still having water pressure problems, it may be time for a replacement valve as they tend to last only between 8 – 12 years. 

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