PlumbingSteps For Fixing A Leaky Shower

March 16, 2020by leakypipes

A shower that leaks is definitely annoying and it leads to a large amount of water wastage.  This simple domestic problem can be solved effectively on your own. Read this article carefully to fix a leaky shower effectively.

There are four stages in fixing a leaky shower, they are 

  • Turn off the water
  • Completely clean the showerhead
  • Secure it with tape
  • Tighten the showerhead

Now let us learn about these stages in detail.

Stage 1:Turn Off The Water

Find your main water source, and lock it. That will prevent future unpleasant surprises.  There could be a possibility of leakage in trapper water so it is effective to cover the trapped water with a towel to avoid the wastage of water.

Stage 2:  Clean The Shower Head Completely

The next stage is clearing the buildup dirt and grime in the pipes which could lead to poor water flow and potential blockages which cause leaks.

You can also make use of the disinfectants that are available in the market or you can also make use of the distilled white vinegar for cleaning the pipes.

The result is a fantastic product for cleaning which does not contain harmful chemicals that could harm the tub. Remove the showerhead and put it in the water. Leave it for a few minutes in water so that it will remove the toughest dirt. Meanwhile, you can also make use of the toothbrush for clearing those dirt. Make sure to clean the shower head in each and every hidden area.

Stage 3: Secure It With Tape

Observe the O-ring or washer since this is the part that prevents any leakage of water. It is time to replace it with a new product if it appears to be clearly worn or harmed. 

If it looks good, cover the end of the pipes with thread or tape. This will form a protective seal and avoids the seizing of water. Don’t forget to cover the end with the thread or tape.

Stage 4: Tighten The Shower Head

Tighten the shower head by hand before securing with pliers. Then make the water to flow and make sure the shower head works properly. Then close the tab and search for the sign of leakage.

After completion of all these processes, if you still face any leakage problems reach your mates at Resolved Plumbing for solving them.