PlumbingThings That Must Be Thrown To The Disposal

February 21, 2020by leakypipes

If you are breaking a pig dinosaur disposal like the Flintstones, waste collection, disposal and maintenance would definitely include a lot of things to do and not do. As a result of misguided focus, we see many stained disposals and clogs.

Most people believe that lemons or ground coffee in the sink can kill bacteria and reduce the cooking odor. Although soda or coffee beans can mask unpleasant odors, both will destroy your drainage and disposal system for a long time. 

The citric acid in lemons corrodes the parts of metal which make up its disposal. Coffee beans are really trapped in the garbage disposal pit although they seem to drip well. The accumulation of buildup will eventually deactivate the disposal and cause unwanted damage.

Using ice or mild soap and warm water to cool off its removal is preferable. Even if it seems easy to throw ground coffee and other harmful waste, it will save your time and money to throw it directly into the garbage, or better yet, particularly for ground coffee, you may think about making compost. 

Be sure to contact your friends at Resolved Plumbing if your removal causes problems. For issues for plumbing, it is always easier to get to the root of the problem before it becomes out of reach.

We have compiled a list of items for your reference that are well placed at your disposal and to others that must be avoided. If you are in doubt, it is better to keep the issue at your disposal. Breaking large pieces of debris before tossing them into the sink is never a bad idea.

The below mentioned is our compiled list of Do’s and Don’t s items for your disposal. This list will definitely assist you in the proper maintenance of your dishwasher’s disposal system. Follow them accordingly and keep yourself away from the costly repairs.

The Things That Can Be Disposed of (Dos):

The below mentioned is the list of items that can be disposed of in your dishwasher

  • Fruit/ vegetable pieces.
  • Cooked pieces of meat/seafood.
  • Tiny bones.
  • Seeds and beans.

The items in the above-mentioned list can be easily disposed of through the dishwasher. Since they are small in size they do not cause any serious issues to your dishwasher.

Now let us move on to the list of items that must not be disposed of in the dishwasher.

Things That Must Not Be Disposed of (Don’ts):

Here is the list of items that must not be disposed of in the dishwasher. If you do so they get clogged in the pipe and paves the way to the serious issues in the future. 

  • Grease / Oil / Fat
  • Citrus / Lemons
  • Grounded Coffee.
  • Starchy plants, or fibrous.
  • Eggshafts.
  • Grain / Popcorn.
  • Bones. 
  • Carrot seeds/fruits
  • Bananas Skin.
  • Hazelnuts.
  • Rice / Pasta.