PlumbingTips For Detecting The Frozen Pipes

March 16, 2020by leakypipes

The winter months will make life tougher, as freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall make it difficult to get out.  Winter can cause problems of all kinds inside your home when you’re not prepared for it properly.

One of the most harmful things that can happen to your home is frozen pipes. Frozen pipes lead you to spend thousands of dollars fixing it.

Fortunately, there are warning signs which are used to detect the frozen pipes at the early stage. 

Why Frozen Pipes Are Dangerous?

Frozen pipes can be extremely harmful as the water expands when it freezes. Due to this, there will be a large mass of frozen water in the plumbing lines.

To clear the frozen water, you must break these frozen components in your pipes so that the water flows freely into your house.

Warning Signs For Frozen Pipes

The frozen pipes should be detected early. Most of the time, you’ll be given the option to raise your thermostat temperature or talk to a professional plumber before any damage occurs. 

It goes without saying that in order to take action, you’ll need to understand the warning signs for finding the frozen pipes.

  • Water Damage
  • Visible Frost
  • No Water

Water Damage

The water damage is one of the basic warning signs for detecting frozen pipes. 

A broken pipe will allow a large amount of water to flow into your house, and any signs of flooding or structural damage can be caused by a frozen pipe.

Of course, frozen pipes can only sustain minimal structural damage. If this is so, then the leak is likely to be much smaller. 

You can not see a small leak at once, particularly if it happens behind your walls or outside of the main areas in your house.

Visible Frost

Finding the presence of frost over the pipes is somewhat difficult.  In case if you have exposed tubing you can easily spot the connecting points of your outdoor plumbing.

This will help you to melt the ice in the pipes, and change the insulation of pipes to avoid freezing them.

No Water

Finding the lack of water flow in the faucets is the clear identification that your faucets and fittings are completely lacking in warmth.

That means the water has frozen in your distribution lines. In some cases you can also see a small trickle of water due to partial freezing.

Here are some early signs of harm to your home from concealed water.

  • Paints and wallpapers peeling or bubbling.
  • Musty odors and heavy molds
  • Black, green or orange spots (which often display development in molds).
  • The sound of moving water.
  • Structural damage to the walls and ceilings (collapse, texturing).

Taking notice of or finding any of the above issues are all warning signs that you should contact an experienced plumber at Resolved Plumbing.