PlumbingTips For Maintaining Your Plumbing System During Fall

March 16, 2020by leakypipes

The easiest way to prevent catastrophic issues later in the year is to take the time to run the plumbing system at home during fall. The cold can only have a detrimental effect on everything from the pipes to the water heater, so it’s wise to test it all beforehand. 

Here are five simple steps to check your plumbing system during fall

  • Disconnect the hoses in the garden
  • Repair existing leaks
  • Insulate the pipes
  • Inspect the sump pump
  • Drain the water heater

Now let us learn how to do these steps in an effective way. Keep reading to learn more about them.

Disconnect The Hoses In The Garden

It is a brilliant idea to remove the hose from your garden until temperature drops. The remaining water in the hose can freeze and expand. 

Connected faucets and hoses may also be frozen. So, disconnect the hose for the entire season.

Repair Existing Leaks

Current leaks not only raise your water bills but also increase the risk of freezing and bursting your pipes. 

The situation can get worse quickly if you are not at home, leading to widespread flooding causing minor property damage.

Insulate The Pipes

The broken pipe is among the most common reasons for homeowners to find plumbing facilities in cold climates. The situation happens when the water is freezing and rising, but you may be able to reverse the possibilities of heating the pipes. 

You should use foam tubes to insulate them. Additionally, allowing the taps to run hot and cold water right away can also avoid freezing.

Inspect The Sump Pump

Observing the sump pump outside is a fantastic idea. This is because the pump is exposed to extreme temperatures which can freeze. 

When breached, the risk of creating a flood in your own basement is much greater. Make sure it is in good condition, and check it with a plumber.

Drain The Water From Water Heater

Accumulating sediments inside the water heater is not unusual, especially if you live in an area where the water is hard. 

This can allow rust to accumulate, which can have a detrimental effect on the water you use to wash, cook and drink. Draining the radiator and finally allowing it to dry would help.

Follow the above-mentioned steps during fall and avoid the serious plumbing issues during winter beforehand. If you face serious plumbing issues your mates at Resolved Plumbing are there for you to assist you in anytime