PlumbingTips For Preparing Your Home For Winter

February 21, 2020by leakypipes

Basically, without any warning, the months of winter hit a little bit later in some places. So, it is essential to make proper preparation for winter. Hence without any proper preparation, your pipes may get burst and lead to a costly repair. 

Here Are Our Best Tips For Your Effective Preparation For Winter

The pipes may get rusted and busted if it is exposed to cold and moisture. So, it is important to protect your pipes from cold weather to avoid serious plumbing issues. Follow our simple steps and get protected from winter and costly pipe repairs.

  • Check your A / C
  • Check Your Heater
  • Drip Your Inner Faucets
  • Drip your indoor facets
  • Turn off the Outdoor faucets
  • Contact Baker Brothers Plumbing
 Check your A / C:

Even Though the winter is drastic day by day, still preparing your A/C for cold days is definitely a good idea. For proper protection of your AC, you must locate the pipes, hoses, and pans outside the unit and drain them completely. 

Your device may get rusty and have a shorter life if too much moisture gets into it. For extra protection, cover the system with plastic to avoid the moisture and cold getting inside.

Check Your Heater

Since the temperature is below the freezing point it is important to keep yourself warm throughout the season. So, make sure to check the working condition of your heater and service it accordingly to escape from the cold.  

Drip Your Inner Faucets

The indoor pipes may require additional care other than dripping your faucets. Remember the pipes in your garage or attic which you may have. 

You can avoid these pipes from freezing by protecting those pipes with insulation. Not only is this beneficial for the safety of your pipes, but the additional protection from the cold allows more effective distribution of your energy for the heated water.

Drip your indoor facets

Turn on your indoor faucets often, when the temperature is below zero, hence there’s a small drip every few seconds. This allows water to move continuously, rather than stagnate and freeze constantly. 

It is not done in outside faucets because you will have those indoor faucets every day.

Turn Off The Outdoor Faucets

The outdoor faucets are vulnerable to bursting and cracking if it is exposed directly to the cold. So make sure that the water in the hose is disconnected and drained completely and also turn off the exterior faucets and drain them completely. The leftover water in the outdoor faucets is easy to freeze that can burst pipe.

Contact Resolved Plumbing

Having a trustworthy plumber is key for success repairing and preparation of your house at any weather. Just give us a phone call we are always here to help you to keep your pipes warm, repair from a trust or giving a tune-up for your heater. Contact us anytime our team is here to make sure you have a warm and safe winter.