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WATER TREATMENT Why Treated Water Is Better

Local municipal water treatment facilities filter out other contaminants and chemicals that can enter your pipes between your faucets and the treatment plants. Moreover, even though these local municipalities treat the water, there are still contaminants found in it.

Safe and reliable drinking water is a fundamental requirement.

The EPA mandates that a municipal water department needs to send out water quality reports on an annual basis that tell you where the water comes from, what its treated with, and what impurities they found during sample tests.

Do You NEED To Treat Your Water?

If you want to avoid ingesting chemicals and other contaminants found in municipal water supply systems, localized water treatment might be right for you. If you are getting your water from a private well, then you will definitely benefit from a proper water treatment system in your home.

The Importance of Water Treatment:

Filtered water is better for our bodies, both in and out. It’s odor free and tastes great, which leads to drinking more of it (which has obvious health benefits).

The chemicals and their by-products used by municipal water treatment facilities are not desirable for human or animal consumption.

You can reduce scale and lime buildup in your bathtub, shower, sinks, and fixtures with treated water.

You can refill water bottles for on-the-go consumption which saves you money as buying bottled water can become pricey… not to mention wasteful.

The lifespan of appliances that use water i.e. dishwashers, may be extended due to the increased efficiency.

Water treatment leaves your skin healthier after a shower or bath and you won’t be consuming or inhaling undesirable chemicals.