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WATER TREATMENT Whole-House Water Softener Systems

Conventional or salt-free softeners for well water or municipal supplies.

Having unconditioned water, or hard water, in your home leads to skin problems, appliance malfunctions, and the eventual degradation of your plumbing system. If you’re seeing signs of hard water (stains in your sinks, bathtub, shower, etc.), installing one of these systems will prevent further damage and annoyances. Regardless of the source of your water, coming from a well or municipal water source, a whole-house water softening system can be installed in just a few hours.┬áBoth conventional (salt) and salt-free water softeners increase the lifespan of your clothes, appliances, and plumbing… and help to alleviate dry and/or cracked skin.

Conventional Water Softeners: A conventional water softening system works through the negative charge of sodium ions attracting and removing the calcium and magnesium ions.

Salt-Free Water Softeners: For mild cases of hard water, a salt-free water softener system may be used. Instead of sodium ions, these remove hard water through electrical or magnetic currents.

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Types of Water Softening Systems

At Resolved Plumbing, we offer two types of water softening solutions: FLOW-TECH Home anti-scale systems and traditional water softening systems. Both can run alongside your home water filtration system and it is important to note that water softeners do not remove many of the impurities that filtration systems do. Water softeners improve your water beyond filtering by removing calcium and magnesium, reducing scale buildup to close to zero.

FLOW-TECH Salt-Free Water Softeners

FLOW-TECH salt-free water softener systems remove calcium and magnesium ions through the emission of a low frequency electromagnetic signal that propagates throughout your entire plumbing system. By reversing the charge of those two elements, they are dissolved into the water and stay in a suspended state even when heated. These minerals then harmlessly pass through the system and flow down the drain.

Traditional Water Softener Systems

Traditional water softener systems use potassium or sodium ions to remove calcium and magnesium ions from your water supply. My removing these minerals completely, the possibility of scale build-up is eliminated. Occasional maintenance is needed with traditional systems by adding salt or potassium tablets to the brine tank.

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