PlumbingWhat Are The Requirements For Changing The Water Supply Line?

March 7, 2020by leakypipes

Do you find the water leakage around the base of the toilet? Looking closer, you will find that the water mainly leaks from the pipe which connects the toilet tank and the wall. If you identify these issues at the initial stage, you will easily fix this issue by yourself. In this article, we have provided some simple steps to fix this leakage by yourself by changing the water supply line.

Tips For Changing The Water Supply Line

Here we have created simple steps for changing the water supply line. Follow these steps carefully to avoid costly repairs.

  • Close The Water Supply
  • Empty The Toilet Tank
  • Tools
  • Prevent Damage
  • Start the real work
  • Follow The Previous Steps In Vice Versa

Now let us learn about each and every step in detail

Close The Water Supply

The first step for changing the water supply line is to close the water supply. You can shut the water supply by turning the valve in the clockwise direction.

Empty The Toilet Tank

Draining your toilet tank is one of the most important steps in fixing the water supply line. If you don’t do this step or else you will definitely regret it. You can also use a towel to dry the water which is left at the bottom of the tank.


Don’t forget to have the essential tools with you. The most essential tool in changing the water supply line is the wrench. The wrench is capable of connecting the nuts and the valves which secure the water supply and pipes. 

Having a tub with you definitely helps you to collect the excess water and ensure you have a hose as a spare.  

Prevent Damage

Once your tank has been rinsed completely, you can put the remains under the hose and the water supply valve.

Start The Real Work

Take your wrench, and loosen the nut which is left to protect the valve shaft. Now unwrap the nut in the toilet tank which holds the hose. Since it is plastic you can unwrap it easily with the help of your hands.

Follow The Previous Steps In Vice Versa

Then take your shiny and bright supply hose and repeat all the process which is done earlier to remove the old one. Then you have to tighten the plastic and the metal nut on the tank. Then finally turn the valve in a counterclockwise direction and check your work.

If you face any serious issues in your toilet tank don’t hesitate to give a call to Resolved Plumbing. We are always there for you to solve your plumbing related issues.